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The Outcome Measures Project is a nationally recognized effort led by provider agencies to measure behavioral outcomes for children and youth to whom they are providing services.

While the project began in Indiana, agencies anywhere in the United States that provide services to children and their families can participate in order to measure outcomes.

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Annual Report 2016 and Executive Summary 2016 (Indiana)

On Project Reporting

The Project publishes an Annual Report and Executive Summary that summarizes outcomes for children and families served by participating Indiana agencies. The Annual Report provides in-depth outcomes aggregate data for each of twelve service areas measured by the project. The Executive Summary includes a summary of this data and cross-year comparisons.

In addition to the Annual Report and Executive Summary, the Project provides participating agencies (including those outside of Indiana) with a confidential report on annual outcomes in each of their service areas.


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Special Report Briefs for Foster Care and Educational Outcomes

On Focused Topics

The Project also publishes a series of in-depth Special Report Briefs focusing on timely topics of interest to help key stakeholders better understand and make decisions regarding service areas. Two Special Reports were released in 2016. “Permanency Plan Achievement for Youth in Traditional and Treatment Foster Care” highlights risk factors associated with achievement of the permanency plans of reunification, adoption, emancipation, and independent living. “Educational Outcome and Risks” examines relationships between risk factors at admission and educational outcomes at discharge.

Agencies participating in the Project can order additional analysis of their own outcomes data to dig more deeply into the dynamics facing the children and families they serve.

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Join the Outcome Measures Project

The Outcome Measures Project

Participation in the outcomes project is open to any organization in the United States that provide services to children in, or at risk of entering, the child welfare system and their families. Participating agencies retain ownership of their data; agency’s data is anonymized when shared as part of a report; and, agencies are charged a modest annual fee to participate in the Project.

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